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Topcon Scanners

Gathering Evidence is fast and reliable

Forensic scenes often have large amounts of complex data to collect for which laser scanning is the ideal solution. The ability to quickly capture every piece of evidence with high accuracy gives forensic investigators the confidence that every aspect of a scene has been covered before they leave. Utilizing the dual on-board color cameras, the data can be colorized to produce photo realistic 3D point clouds. These can be used to produce orthophotos, carry out measurements and analysis.

Topcon's laser scanners series is both high-speed and long-range. It can suit different range requirements based on your target application, so there is no need to limit the data collection area of your scene. Collecting data is a simple process due to an easy to read graphical user interface. There is no need to set out targets or carry out complicated setups as Topcon's scanner software will automatically align your scans based on shape matching within the scene.

GLS-2000 Series - Short, Medium, Long Ranges

Topcon GLS-2000 Laser Scanner used in Forensic Mapping for Accident Reconstruction

GLS Series

Core features of all models:

  • Full Done, 360°(H) x 270°(v) Field of View
  • High Speed (T.O.F.) Measurement
  • Precise Scan Technology
  • Dual, Built-in Digital Color Cameras
  • Backsight to prism
  • Auto Height Measurement

Scene documentation on your terms

With one-button to start scanning, on-board occupation and backsight orientation, and Magnet Collage software this solution is suited to law enforcement wanting the most value from their scanning investment.

Dual Cameras

Wide-angle and zoom. the 170° wide-angle camera obtains images at high speed with the telephoto camera is coaxial with the measuring axis.

Precise Scan Technology

Three Times Faster (time-of-flight) pulse signals produce a clear signal waveform enabling more precise signal processing.

Precise Scan Technology enables signal extraction resulting in reduced noise and high accuracy data.

Extracting objects

Tools for creating and editing objects such as polylines, meshes, edges and places. Isolate evidence such as gouges and tire marks.

Data can be previewed on the scanner before leaving the scene to ensure complete data capture. All the data captured at the scene can be easily transferred to a computer where processing in Magnet Collage software is quickly completed. Exporting clouds or objects is simple as the data format is compatible with today’s most widely used third-party software such as Point Cloud. This makes quick work out of forensic analysis such as bullet trajectory or accident reconstruction.

Magnet Collage - Laser Scanning Post Processing


Visualize and create demonstrative scenes

  • Fly through and navigate with ease
  • Generate othrophotos, take measurements, draw line work
  • Create roadway cross sections 
  • Import data from third-party hardware
  • Process, combine and analyze point clouds and images 
  • Import UAV point clouds after post-processing by photogrammetric software
  • Free viewer to share projects