Map360 Point Cloud

Point Cloud

 A powerful point cloud/lidar data visualization tool.

Forensic investigators and accident scene reconstructionists use this in combination with the powerful CAD functionality of Map360. But also in combination with the animation module. Not only can the point cloud module assist with rapid scene mapping, but also to augment animations with point cloud information to add realism, effortlessly.

The point cloud module is an add-on option for Map360. The package formerly known as "MapScenes PointCloud" consisted of Forensic CAD plus the animation module plus the point cloud module.

The point cloud module combines the most powerful graphics engine available with the Leica pcE point cloud engine. This combination allows for the easy manipulation of millions of points. Our use of .dwg files allows for the display and animation of .dwg entities directly in the point cloud.


Point Cloud Features

Integrated Point Cloud with CAD


  • Dual-screen operation displays point cloud view in one window, CAD in the other
  • Users can draw lines, arcs, circles, points, and polylines, as well as Extend, Trim, and Fillet directly in the point cloud
  • Temporary and Live Draw modes display created entities in the CAD drawing in real time
  • Incorporates the Tech Soft HOOPS graphics system – the highest performance graphics system – allowing for the manipulation of tens of millions of points

Powerful Point Cloud Engine


  • Highly efficient database indexes the point data for fast access
  • Display up to 8 million points at a time
  • Point database size is virtually infinite; limited only by the available drive space and memory
  • Users can import PTS, XYZ, or LAS files into the indexed PCI format
  • Works directly with Leica PCI files created in Cyclone 6 and 7
  • Data from scanners and lidar can be imported using supported file formats

Point Cloud Data Visualization Tools


  • Familiar CAD viewing and zooming behaviour make it easy to navigate through your data
  • Cutting cubes to segment large or complicated point clouds
  • Profile Slice tool helps you create cross-sections and profiles of exiting features
  • Reference Planes help you create a datum for the point cloud, or help keep all linework on a single plane
  • Visibility Controls help you hide what you don't want to see

Professional Keyframe-Based Professional Animation


  • Unlock the full potential by purchasing the animation module along-side the point cloud module
  • Animate CAD objects directly in the point cloud
  • Place static and animated cameras throughout the cloud
  • Animation paths are supported – with object follow, or cameras on or inside objects
  • Images or videos can be exported in BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, AVI, MPG, DivX, MOV, and other file formats
  • Easy-to-use animation editor enables frame-by-frame control using

Surface Modeling and Contouring Directly in the Point Cloud


  • Create a surface from your point cloud with the click of a button
  • Find lowest point by grid to help create accurate ground models from point cloud or lidar data
  • Surfaces and contours can be viewed directly in the point cloud
  • Points can be added to a temporary layer, where bad data points can easily be removed
  • Control what is visible – see the surfaces with contours or individually, directly in the point cloud

Training Videos

These short movies walk you through tasks such as generating line work, surfaces, and data points. 

View them on or off line.

Point Cloud Extension Module - Example Video

Ready to Animate?

This full-featured forensic animation program is also known as MapScenes Capture, Forensic CAD + Animation.

This program gives you the flexibility and power you need to accurately animation your scenes.

The Forensic CAD Module uses the same advanced rendering engine that is used in products like 3DStudios, Soldiworks, Pro Engineer, and Microstation. It lets you look at data in ways you never thought possible. Our rendering capabilities gives you the tools you need to analyze, and build compelling animations.

The advanced camera support lets you watch your animation from many different views. You are only limited by the facts and your imagination.

Software for Data Collectors


Forensic Mapping 
Accident Reconstructon
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Forensic Mapping 
Accident Reconstructon
Evidence Recorder
CSI Mapping
Forensic Mapping Training