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Our Mission

True forensic mapping, accident reconstruction and crime scene investigations are a system. That system is the combination of equipment and applications plus, personnel proficient in using them in critical incident, crime scene, and reconstruction investigations. 

We are dedicated to bringing you industry standard or better technology and training at a fair price.

Why Choose Us?

We love what we do.

Over 100 years of combined experience is ready to assist your department in taking investigations to the next level - The Modern Crime Scene.

We Truly Care

The right care can ensure the success of any equipment and training effort. 

We believe in partnership and trust. We work with you to create a great investment.

Meet Our Team

Steve McKinzie

Steve McKinzie is owner of the McKinzie Group.  He retired from the Kansas Highway Patrol in 1999, where he served as the coordinator of the Critical Highway Accident Response teams during the last seven years of his service.  Steve also coordinated the Accident Reconstruction program including forensic mapping for the state LE Training and oversaw accident related training programs at the KHP Academy.

In 1993 he began instructing Commercial Vehicle Reconstruction while as an adjunct instructor at TEEX, Texas A&M University.  Steve has commercial vehicle operation and supervision experience and provides reconstruction services for Catastrophic Highway Incidents.  Steve has lectured on Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction around the world, including the US, Russia and Asia. 

Steve McKinzie - ACTAR Certified Instructor
Steve McKinzie - ACTAR Certified Instructor

Kris Keberlein

Kris Keberlein is a primary Forensic Mapping Instructor for CSI Mapping.  He is accomplished in accident reconstruction and has been a certified MapScenes instructor since 2006. Kris has been a full-time collision reconstructionist for McKinzie & Associates since 2010.

Prior to joining McKinzie and Associates Mr. Keberlein served as a Trooper for the Kansas Highway Patrol for 15 years. He was a collision reconstructionist on the KHP Critical Highway Accident Response Team for the final 7 years of his career. During that time frame he served as the lead instructor for the agency’s Forensic Mapping program. 

In addition, Mr. Keberlein was a primary LE Training instructor for the agency in accident investigation course work. He has taught numerous city, county, state, and federal law enforcement personnel throughout the USA and Australia. He brings extensive collision investigation experience to the Forensic Mapping classroom. 

Kris Keberlein - ACTAR Certified Instructor
Kris Keberlein - ACTAR Certified Instructor

John Ruller

John Ruller is the Director of Road Accident Investigation Service Pty Ltd based in Brisbane, Australia, and has partnered with McKinzie and Associates, LLC / CSI Mapping for the past 12 years.

Prior to 2005 John was the Senior Collision Analyst in the Queensland Police Service and was the first in Australia to gain ACTAR Accreditation (#213). 

John has been heavily involved in the field of Crash Reconstruction in the South Pacific since 1990. John has developed a forensic mapping program which is presently taught to law enforcement officers in the State of Queensland. This program is presented in association with CSI Mapping. John has also developed other training packages which have been presented in New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, South Africa, England and India. John is still actively involved as a Reconstructionist in the South Pacific and Asia.

John Ruller - ACTAR Certified Instructor
John Ruller - ACTAR Certified Instructor

Nice Things

I have had the pleasure of working with McKinzie and Associates / CSI Mapping for many years. The staff is very professional, and their work is always above reproach.

I have purchased a considerable amount of forensic mapping equipment for use by law enforcement agencies throughout the Midwest. The selection and pricing of the equipment has always been very competitive. McKinzie and Associates / CSI Mapping provides outstanding customer support for the hardware and software to their customers. This becomes very important when dealing with customers who do not use the equipment on a daily basis.

I was trained in the use of forensic mapping by Steve McKinzie in the early 1990’s. I have been a customer since that time. McKinzie and Associates / CSI Mapping provides the best value for the dollar for equipment and training for their customers. McKinzie and Associates / CSI Mapping is dedicated to providing the best in equipment, training and investigations.

Rusty James

Incident and Emergency Management Specialist

Gannett Fleming, Inc

We have been doing business with McKinzie & Associates/CSI Mapping since its inception in 1999. At that time KHP was at the forefront of establishing a statewide forensic mapping program. Throughout the years we have continued to use the budget available to update our forensic mapping systems. As new technology emerges and is integrated CSI Mapping has provided excellent support and training.

Whether you are looking to start a forensic mapping program or update your current system, CSI Mapping has the experience to provide equipment, software, support and training for a cohesive program.

Lt. Terry Kummer

Kansas Highway Patrol

Critical Highway Accident Response Team - C.H.A.R.T.